Six-Figure Salaries Are Very Real For Just 2 Years Of College

via CBS Pittsburgh

Let’s face it — a four-year college education is not for everyone. First, there’s the cost.

“Very expensive,” says Jon Zeidler of Center Township.

And then for many a two-year certificate or associate’s degree is sufficient.

“It’s all I needed,” adds Connie Lee of Marshall.

But what about the earning power of these degrees?  After working as an office delivery person out of high school, Connie Lee went back to CCAC to get her court reporting certificate and associates degree.

Lee: said “Last year, my total was $240,000, but by the time I pay my expenses and all that, I get about half of that.” 

Delano asked: “$120,000?”

“Not bad for a two-year degree, right?” Lee said.

A recent study by ranked hundreds of two-year public and private colleges and technical schools based on the earnings of their graduates.

Of the top 50 two-year schools, the average starting salary of graduates was between $35,000 and $42,000, and after ten years, the average salary was $60,000 to $75,000 a year.

And that means more people than ever will soon be able to say what Connie Lee says.

“The last 13 years I haven’t made less than six figures every year.”

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