Celebration Cinema Adding Closed Captioning Services

via 94.9 WSJM

Celebration Cinema has announced it’s adding closed captioning and descriptive audio services to all of its theaters. The movie theater chain was sued earlier this month by a St. Joseph man for not offering closed captioning for the deaf. On Thursday, Celebration Cinema announced it’s going to start doing just that.

The closed captioning devices soon to be at all of its locations will be small screens that attach to the seat cup holder. The screens can be adjusted with a flexible arm so the movie goer can see them. The descriptive hearing devices for the blind are headsets that provide narrative about key things happening on screen.

Celebration Cinema says it’ll be rolling out the technology to its theaters in phases through mid-October. WSJM News has reached out to Celebration Cinema to find out if the move is in response to the lawsuit it’s facing, but has so far not heard back. - See more at: http://www.wsjm.com/2016/09/01/celebration-cinema-adding-closed-captioning-services/#sthash.2Fy0ndig.dpuf