Emilie Treat — Tenth Judicial Circuit’s first female court reporter

via Hannibal Courier-Post

By 1892, Emilie Miller Treat was named the first female court stenographer for the 10th Judicial District of Missouri.

Emilie Miller Treat 

A review of Emilie Miller's formative years suggests that this daughter of Jacksonville, Ill., was destined for a role of prominence. Born in the free state of Illinois during the Civil War, she grew up under the influence of her grandfather, Ebenezer T. Miller, who was one of the original trustees of the Presbyterian Female Academy in Jacksonville. Her father, Cicero Davis Miller, was educated in the early schools of Jacksonville, and then entered the preparatory department of Illinois College in 1848, and the college itself in 1849. His career emphasis was on banking, business and bookkeeping.

Emilie Miller followed in her father's business vocation, garnering respect for her learned skills in shorthand and typewriting. She attained a respected job: teaching shorthand at the Brown Business College in Jacksonville.

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