Kelly Nasuti, seasoned court reporter/writer continues her adventures of Jamie Winters in a new book.

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Motion for Madness, the third mystery novel in a series authored by Kelly Nasuti, an NCRA member, debuted on bookshelves Feb. 15. The new release is the third in a series by Nasuti, who writes under the pen name Kelly Rey. The novel is published by Gemma Halliday Publishing.
Main character Jamie Winters, first executive assistant at the personal injury law firm of Parker, Dennis, in southern New Jersey, finds herself tracking down clues to solve another murder mystery when Kay Culverson, a low-budget cable talk show host, is found dead in her office. Winters’ boss, Howard Dennis, is suspected of the foul play as a result of a falling out with Culverson, who was a client.
[Read Chapter 1 here].
Kelly Nasuti aka Kelly Rey - Author/Court Reporter

Kelly Nasuti aka Kelly Rey - Author/Court Reporter

Motion for Murder, Nasuti’s first mystery novel released in 2014, introduces readers to Winters in a story laced with humor, wit, a dose of romance, and a murder. Nasuti’s second novel, Motion for Malice, released in 2015, has Winters working to solve the murder of Dorcas Beeber, a psychic medium who was found dead from an apparent blow to the head by her own crystal ball.