NCRA meets in NY City July 30 - August 2nd for annual conference

Next week in New York City, court reporters from across the country will meet for an annual convention. Ashleigh C. McClain, National Court Reporters Association communications strategist, said this is a good time of year to educate people about court reporting as a career option.

With more and more high school students trying to decide whether the burden of college debt is worth the investment, one agency is trying to promote careers in court reporting, a field expected to have many openings in the next few years.

“Within the next three years, New York, particularly in rural communities, is expected to have more people retiring than there are qualified candidates to fill the positions,” said Ashleigh C. McClain. “It’s a great career for people who want a career right out of high school.”

Sarah E. Nageotte, NCRA President

Sarah E. Nageotte, NCRA President

There is more than $1.2 trillion in student loan debt nationally. According to the Project on Student Debt, 60 percent of New York college graduates leave school more than $26,300 in debt. Court reporting schools typically offer two-year programs that cost, on average, the same as one year of community college.  

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