Court reporting as a career offers flexibility, lucrative pay

Sandra Boe, Genesee County court reporter

Sandra Boe, Genesee County court reporter

via The Daily News, Genesee, Wyoming and Orleans Counties

Court reporting may be a little-known career field, but with above-average job security and earning potential combined with flexibility, it’s one worth exploring.

Sandra Boe, official court reporter for Genesee County Court and NY State Supreme Court, said ‘The flexibility is great. You get to be independent. I always say it is the best job in the courtroom because you can observe it all, but also step away and be a mom if you want. It is like being a dental hygienist in that you can go anywhere in the country and get a job.’’

Boe said there is even a Binghamton agency that holds the contract to handle courts in the Bahamas, so an 18-month tour in the Caribbean is also a possibility for a court reporter.

‘‘You have to be a little competitive, be determined to get it all down,’’ she said. ‘‘The proceedings are going faster and faster and you need to get it all correctly because you are the only one responsible for the record.’’