According to the Drucker Worldwide study there is an anticipated shortage of 5,500 court reporters over the next 5 years. You can train with us here at the NY School of Court Reporting, and in as little as 2 years graduate into a profession where the average annual salary in NY State is over $89,000.

2014 Court Reporting Industry Outlook

Presented by Drucker Worldwide

For generations, stenographic court reporters have been the silent witnesses responsible for creating an official record of the most important trials and moments of history. Trained to input a specialized shorthand into a stenotype machine, which can be instantly converted into English text thanks to advancements in technology, court reporters continue to be an integral component of the legal system. These professionals also serve a variety of fields outside courtrooms and depositions, providing speech-to-text solutions for broadcast, educational, business, medical, and community settings. 

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