Our Curriculum



The principles of Real-time, Conflict-free Theory as advanced in the textbook are taught. Hands-on execution of this theory to the speed of 40 words per minute is the goal of the student. The concept of Real-time writing is introduced.

No prerequisites.


Introduction to beginning speed-building using timed material is started in the classroom. Advanced stenographic outlines will be taught. Two-voice testimony, literary material, and jury charge material will be introduced in order to properly prepare the student for the class. 80 words per minute is the goal of the student.

Prerequisite: Machine Shorthand Theory


Intermediate speed building by use of timed material is given. Literary material, jury charge, and two-voice testimony will be utilized. New writing outlines will be discussed as new words arise. Punctuation skills will be stressed. 140 words per minute is the goal of the student.

Prerequisite: Machine Shorthand 1


Advanced speed-building with particular emphasis on accuracy, endurance, and concentration skills applied to the stenograph machine. The student will write as many different words as possible, from the most elementary to the most complex, with a great diversity of subjects. 175 words per minute is the goal of the student. Real-time writing concepts continue to be emphasized.

Prerequisite: Machine Shorthand 2


Advanced speed-building. All previous skills learned are applied with an eye toward reaching the graduation speed level of 225 words per minute Mock trials are conducted with role-playing by the teacher and student. All materials are utilized, including two-, three- and four-voice testimony, literary matter of all kinds, jury charge, legal/medical/technical matter. Pre-employment preparation is given through simulated job experience.

Prerequisite: CR I



This is an English course designed specifically for court reporting students. Accurate transcript production requires a working knowledge of all English skills, including grammar, punctuation, spelling, and various special circumstances. English terminology will be covered, exposing the student to as many words and phrases as possible.

The purpose of this course is to develop a working knowledge of legal terminology, including definitions and spellings, to assist the student in recording legal terms on the stenograph machine and transcribing them. Legal concepts and theories will also be discussed to provide practical knowledge for the Court Reporter.


The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a workable medical vocabulary applicable to all medical specialties. Human anatomy and prescription drugs will be covered as practical knowledge for the Court Reporter. Definitions and spellings of technical terms will be included.

+ Transcription

Transcription is taught within all steno speed building classes. Students are required to transcribe material dictated to them in court reporting classes and produce final transcripts.


Advanced students will receive an orientation into appropriate court and freelance procedures as an introduction to employment duties. The student will sit with a working reporter and observe the day-to-day activities associated with their chosen profession. They will actually participate in legal proceedings by recording them on the stenograph machine.

Prerequisite: Court Reporting 1

+ Computer-Aided Transcription

This course serves as an introduction to computer software as utilized by the Court Reporter in the modern workplace. All facets of transcript production are explored with the aid of the computer.

Prerequisite: Court Reporting 1

Our Faculty

KAREN BUTTERFIELD, High-Speed Instructor

Plaza School of Court Reporting, NCRA certified CRI.  Court Reporting Instructor with over 30 years of experience.




Graduate of Stenotype Academy.  Official Court Reporter in Orange County with over 22 years of experience.  


LARRY STIEGLITZ, Director of Admissions

Graduate of Stony Brook University (BA), over 30 years experience in post-secondary admissions and advisement.


Graduate of Skidmore College (BA)

WILLIAM J. CARROLL, Theory Instructor

Graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice (B.A.), Stenotype Academy.  Court Reporting Supervisor in Bronx County with over 35 years of experience.  


KAREN SOLE, Instructor

StenoTech Career Institute, American Business Academy. NCRA certified RPR, CRI and Certified Program Evaluator (CPE)


Licenses and Associations


Since 1992 the New York School of Court Reporting and Career Institute  has been licensed by the New York State Education Department's Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision, www.access.nysed.gov.

New York School of Court Reporting and Career Institute is recognized as a Participating Program by the National Court Reporters Association, ncra.org.


New York School of Court Reporting and Career Institute is a member of the New York State Court Reporter's Association, nyscra.org.